How to Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment Community

If you don’t know how to find a pet-friendly apartment community, we’re here to help. Don’t drive around from apartment community to apartment community asking if they allow pets; just search “pet friendly apartment community” online.
This will ensure the search engine displays pet friendly apartments near you. If you’re relocating to a different city, include the city and state in your search query.
If you have already tried finding a pet-friendly apartment community online, there are a few other tricks to track one down. Consider the following.

Call Apartment Communities and Ask if They Allow Pets

Even if an apartment community doesn’t advertise itself as pet-friendly, it’s worth reaching out to ask if they have any units available for renters with pets.
Some communities may have a limited number of pet-friendly units or have specific breed restrictions, so it’s important to ask.

Ask the Property Management Company About Pet-Friendly Apartment Communities

Property management companies usually staff apartment communities, and property management companies oversee several communities.
Just because one apartment community isn’t pet-friendly doesn’t mean the property management company doesn’t have a pet-friendly community in its portfolio.

Consider Alternative Renting Options

A property management company may not oversee a pet-friendly apartment community, but they may have pet-friendly rental properties in their portfolio, such as a house or duplex. Property management companies are well-connected and have a vast network; they most likely can help you find a pet-friendly apartment community.

Ask Local Animal Shelters and Pet Adoption Agencies About Pet-Friendly Apartments

These organizations often have a list of pet-friendly housing options in the area.

Be Prepared to Pay a Pet Deposit or Fee

Many pet-friendly apartment communities will require a pet deposit or fee as part of the lease agreement. Pet deposits are usually a one-time fee; however, some apartments will charge a monthly pet fee.

Read the lease agreement and pet policy carefully for breed or size restrictions. Additionally, inquire about pet rules concerning common areas, patios, or balconies.
Always follow all local laws and ordinances regarding pet ownership, including licensing and vaccination requirements.

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