How to Make a Workspace in an Apartment

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to work remotely. However, most apartments don’t have a designated office space.
Don’t worry; you can still create an efficient workspace in your apartment. Distractions are one of the most prominent remote working challenges, but having a designated workspace can help you stay focused.

Choose the Right Area to Set Up Your Workspace

When creating an office space in your apartment, choosing the right location is essential. A spot near a window is ideal as it provides natural light, which can help boost your mood and keep you alert.
If a window is not an option, ensure the area is well-lit with other forms of lighting. Additionally, consider sound isolation to minimize distractions from busy streets or loud neighbors.
It’s also important to take note of the electrical outlets in the area, as having enough outlets to plug in your devices is crucial for productivity. A power strip can also make up for the lack of outlets.
Lastly, putting your office space next to a wall will provide more options for storage and organization using shelving.

Don’t Let Clutter Buildup and Keep the Area Clean

Clutter in your workspace can make it challenging to stay focused and productive. It’s essential to keep your space as clean as possible to work efficiently.
One way to do this is by installing floating shelves on the wall near your desk for additional storage. These shelves can hold small jars, cups, or trays filled with office supplies, like paper clips or pens.
You can also improvise with items you already have in your apartment, like an ice cube tray or muffin tin, to use as drawer organizers for your desk.

Ensure You Have the Appropriate Furniture to Work

Having a comfortable chair to work in is essential. You don’t have to spend much on an ergonomic office chair, but you should avoid sitting on an uncomfortable stool for long periods.
A bean bag may be too comfortable and make it hard to focus on your work. Instead, look for a chair with enough cushioning to sit comfortably for a few hours and adjustable to fit behind any desk.
Another option you can explore is using an exercise ball as a seat. This can help you get a core workout while you work.

Make Your Workspace An Enjoyable Place

It is usual for people to have pictures of their family and friends in their office, so your apartment office should not be any different. Make your office space as inviting as possible; your workspace will be uplifting when happy thoughts and memories surround you.
When your office is inviting, you will be more inclined to go in there and use it. If your landlord is okay with it, paint an accent wall to add some poop, put up some art on the wall, throw a rug down on the floor, or just use colorful office materials to keep it fun and light-hearted.

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