Six Reasons To Get Renter’s Insurance Now

Renter’s insurance is a must-have, even if you think you don’t need it (or your current landlord or property manager doesn’t require it). The saying “better safe than sorry” applies here, as a policy typically only costs a few hundred dollars annually.
While you may not have to make a claim, you’ll be grateful for it if you ever do. Just as every driver needs car insurance, every tenant needs renter’s insurance.
Here are six reasons why you should get covered today.

Renter’s Insurance is Cheap Compared to Other Insurance Policies

Renter’s insurance is a cost-effective solution, with most policies averaging a few hundred dollars annually. The investment is worth it should an emergency arise, and the benefits of having a policy outweigh the monthly cost.
If you have a vehicle, ask your auto insurance provider if they offer renter’s insurance. Combining renter’s insurance with your auto insurance can lower your premium significantly. Therefore, if you have auto insurance, there is no excuse not to have renter’s insurance.

Why Wouldn’t You Want to Protect Your Possessions?

Renter’s insurance covers your possessions, including jewelry, clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.
Many people own more than they realize, and if you can’t afford to replace everything in the event of a loss, renter’s insurance is a necessary investment.

Your Future Landlord Will Most Likely Require Renter’s Insurance

Most landlords require renter’s insurance. Your current landlord may not, but your future landlord(s) most likely will.
Remember, the landlord’s insurance covers the building and their possessions, but it does not protect your personal belongings.

Liability is Included in Renter’s Insurance

Most renter’s insurance policies include liability coverage. Should someone get injured in your apartment (or if you accidentally cause injury to someone in your apartment), your policy will cover court costs and legal fees up to the policy limit.
For example, if a visitor slips and falls in your apartment, you will be protected under your renter’s insurance policy.

You Are Protected While Away

Renter’s insurance protects your personal belongings whether you’re traveling or in town. It’s essential to know the specifics of your policy; however, should something happen to your possessions in your apartment while you’re away, your renter’s insurance policy will have them covered.

Renter’s Insurance Can Assist With Living Expenses

Renter’s insurance can cover living expenses, such as temporary housing and food, if a natural disaster renders your apartment uninhabitable.
It’s paramount to check your policy details, but with renter’s insurance, you are less likely to be left without a place to stay.

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